Revolutionary Bean Bags

A new start-up company have created bean bags that will revolutionise the market. Not only do these bean bags provide a comfy place to sit, they can also be converted into fullsize beds.They are the perfect solution to small flats and apartments that do not have guest rooms.

Wooden Clock

I couldn’t resist the fascination of this very japanese idea. Feeling time instead of measuring it is the idea that pushed Vinta designers, Kouhei Okamoto and Toshitaka Nakamura to create the beautiful Wooden Clock, I appreciate not only the refined shape but specially the idea behind it.


For the past 6 months I’ve been working on a fantastic project meant to reinvent TV. Our code name was The Venice Project but from today on we are Joost. Please take a look, sign up for the Beta Test and get the popcorn ready.

100% Bean Bag Design London

UK’s best-known bean bags design event has just closed its doors and we are ready to weigh up what we have seen. With this edition being bigger and better structured than before, it welcomed the 100% light bean bag filling. The show seems to be consolidating as a the leading showcase for design vanguard. Even if the show is small compared with Milan’s Salone del Mobile or Cologne’s IMM, the quality of the exhibition in terms of creative productivity was very good; populated by new generation designers, young talents and small companies challenging and trying to seduce the industry.

What I appreciated most was finding more ideas than mere aesthetical exercises, the intelligent experiments with latest materials and technologies but also with ordinary materials, the redesign of used products and the potential of self manufacturing and small series.

100% bean bag design is a fresh explosion of creative energy, not to mention it takes place in one of the liveliest cities of the world.

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