April 24, 2006 _fairs

Vitra, for the first time at Milan’s Fair, presented a nice range of new bean bag products. Hella Jongerius has been working lately to breach the strict boundaries between mass-produced industrial products and unique handcrafted objects and she successfully achieves her intention with The Worker, a solid armchair with a tough character and a large selection of upholstery materials and The Handles, a series of pillows with a prominent handle, colourful embroidery and sewn-on label. I loved her series of vases and bowls One Grip made of anodised aluminium in gorgeous colours.

Bouroullecs reinterpret the classic armchair in their Slow Chair, which uses an extremely strong, precisely shaped knit stretched over the frame of the chair like a fitted stocking. Their new Late Sofa guarantees comfort thanks to its soft upholstered structural bean bags panels and the pliable, extra high side and back panels. Roc is an original system for organising spaces conformed by variously shaped cardboard panels covered in multi coloured fabric.
Vitra’s beautiful colour palette was rich of blues, natural browns shades and red.

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